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Call for Abstracts Now Closed

The Technical Program Committee is currently in the process of reviewing and scoring submitted abstracts for ERC 2024. Please check back to see the complete program.

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  • Exploration in rift basins and passive margins globally
  • Reviving mature fields and looking for new geonergy plays
  • Siliciclastic reservoirs: exploration and exploitation
  • Carbonates and fractured reservoirs: exploration and exploitation
  • Fault reactivation and inversion tectonics
  • Exploration in fold-and-thrust belts and foreland basins: the last frontier?
  • Salt tectonics: case studies from rift basins and folded belts
  • Advanced geophysical technologies and machine learning in geoscience
  • The European energy transition: CCUS, geothermal energy, hydrogen storage and natural hydrogen exploration
  • Petroleum systems elements: modelling from prospect- to basin-scale
  • History of petroleum geosciences
  • Student sessions*

*Students’ talks should be focused on hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation, hydrogen and helium exploration, geothermal energy, geo-energy storage, CO2 sequestration, and various aspects of energy transition.

*For information on how students can apply for a complimentary registration to attend the conference see our Registration Information page.