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Energy Transition:
Is the European Approach Different?

Given the global energy transition, an even deeper understanding of the many mature European basin units is required now not only with hydrocarbons in mind but with a new focus on geothermal energy utilization, carbon dioxide capture, utilization, storage, hydrogen exploration and storage. These rapidly emerging topics will have dedicated special sessions focusing mostly on European case studies but welcoming contributions from other parts of the world with the same geoscience challenges.

This meeting will have sessions which fit the general geological setting of the Carpathians and its foreland in Poland but also the broader East European Craton including various Ukrainian basins. Given the ongoing war in Ukraine our Technical and Advisory committees are prepared to work on a solid technical programme incorporating many of the ideas AAPG Europe had for a meeting originally planned to occur in Lviv. We believe that the early summer of 2024 in Krakow will offer a good chance for many of our Ukrainian colleagues to attend.

The planned sessions will highlight aspects of the petroleum systems elements focusing on, for example, salt tectonics, clastic and carbonate reservoirs and structural geology. As to structural geology we are planning to have not only a session devoted to thrust-fold belts in the European region (and beyond!) but also discuss fault reactivation and inversion tectonics in folded belts and inversion with global case studies.

We are working with local and regional universities and research institutions across Europe to have a healthy mix of professionals from both the industry and the academia for this event.