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Remaining HC-Potential in Mature Basins
Study on Early Hydrocarbon Evolution Characteristics of Dongying Formation Source Rock in Bozhong Sag, Bohai Bay Basin
Guo xiong Li, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
Quantitative Assessment of Hydrocarbon Generation and Expulsion of Lacustrine Source Rocks: A Case Study of Fengcheng Formation in the Mahu Sag, Junggar Basin
Yuping Wu, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
Recent Discoveries in the Mature Petroleum Provinces – Revisiting the Carpathian-Pannonian Transect From Southern Poland to Hungary
Piotr Gawenda, IHS Markit Global
The HC-Potential of Landslide Nature Reservoirs (MTD) in the Western Siberia Basin: Case Study
Evidence for Secondary Migration
Marianna Tóth, MOL Plc.
Oil – Oil Correlation in the Oil Fields From the Czech Republic
Štěpán Káňa, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University,
The Habitat of Light Hydrocarbons Under the Catalytic Effects of Clay Minerals in Unconventional Plays at Over-Mature Stage
Meng He, Saudi Aramco
New and Emerging Plays in Mature Petroleum Provinces
Romania in the Context of Global Oil Resources
Elena-Rodica Stoica-Negulescu, Oil and Gas University, Ploiesti
Comparative Analysis of Porosity and Permeability in Gas Condensate Fields Pisarovo and Devetaki – Database for a Contemporary Geological and Reservoir Models
Eva Marinovska, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria
Controls on Distribution and Type of Organic Rich Facies on Maturation and Yield of Hydrocarbons in an Evolving Sedimentary Basin: A Case Study Offshore West of Ireland
Hannah Rawson, University of Manchester
Siliciclastic Reservoirs – Exploration and Exploitation I: Sequence Stratigraphy
Mineralogical Development Within Carboniferous Mudstones and Associated Fluid-Mineralization of Adjacent Basin Margins
Jingyue Hao, University of Manchester
Facies Analysis, Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Evaluation of the Lower Goru Sand Interval, Miano Gas Field, South Pakistan
Tassawar Hayat, Earth Sciences Division, Pakistan Museum of Natural History
Forced or Normal Regression Signals in a Lacustrine Basin? Insights From 3D Stratigraphic Forced or Normal Regression Signals in a Lacustrine Basin? Insights From 3D Stratigraphic Forward Modelling
Ádám Kovács, Eötvös Loránd University
Effect of Delta Lobe Progradation on Connectivity of Mouth-Bar Sand Bodies: A High-Resolution Correlation of Gas-Bearing Reservoirs, Battonya-High, Pannonian Basin, Hungary
Attila Nagy, Eötvös Loránd University
Small Incised Valley Fills in Lake Pannon, Upper Miocene, Hungary: A Great Exploration Potential?
Fanni Szabó, ELTE Eötvös Loránd University
Siliciclastic Reservoirs and Stratigraphic Models
3D Facies Modeling and Structural Style Evaluation for the Reservoir Quality Prediction of Regressive Sands of Early Cretaceous Lower Goru Formation, Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan
Tassawar Hayat, Earth Sciences Division, Pakistan Museum of Natural History
Carbonates and Fractured Reservoirs
Re-Evaluation of a Gas Reservoir in the Moesian Platform Using a Multi-Criteria Integrated Analysis
Dragos Cristea, Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti
Complex Reservoir Modeling – Combining Experience and new Data on a Brown Field in the Pannonian Basin
Svetlana Šešum, NTC NIS - Naftagas LLC Novi Sad
Advanced Geophysical Technologies and Integrated G&G Models to Revitalize Mature Fields
AVO and Petrophysical Analysis of the Badenian Age Leitha Limestone Reservoir, Drava Basin Hungary
György Marton, MOL Plc
Hydrocarbon Associated Low-Frequency Seismic Amplitudes as a Distinctive DHI
Agra Adipta, University of Miskolc
Implementation of Dipole Sonic Measurements for Mechanical Earth Modelling
Viktorija Kojundžić, INA
Application of Geochemical Logging of Cuttings on Exploratory Wells Drilled in Drava Basin
Jan Hejnar, Wellfield Geoscience
Challenging 3D Seismic Surveys
Piotr Potepa, Geofizyka Torun S.A.
From Qualitative Operative Detection to Accurate Quantitative Petrophysics Characterisation
Suzana Kovačević, INA d.d.
Utilization of LWD NMR Data in Low Contrast Reservoirs in Highly Tectonic Area Under High Mud Weight and MPD Conditions
Anjana Panchakarla, Baker Hughes
The Energy Transition: Global Trends, Regional Solutions I: Geothermal Energy Utilization in Mature Basins, Synergy With Petroleum Industry
Sketch-Guided Workflow for Automatic Discrete Fracture Network Creation
Anne-Laure Tertois, Emerson
Dynamic Leak-Off Experiments on Upper Pannonian Sandstones and HPG Gels
Péter János Koroncz, 1. Geochem Ltd., 2. Doctoral School of Earth Sciences, University of Pécs
The Energy Transition: Global Trends, Regional Solutions II: Hydrogen Exploration
Suface Data Technologies in Subsurface Natural Hydrogen Settings
Caroline Magnier, Excellence Logging
Natural H₂ Exploration
Dariusz Strapoc, Schlumberger
New Insights on the Effect of Bio Clogging for Enhancing Underground Hydrogen Storage Technology
Noura Eddaqui, IMFT – Institut de Mécanique des Fluide de Toulouse
Modeling of Sandstone-Porewater-H₂ Gas Interaction in a Hydrogen Storage Case Study in the Pannonian Basin, Hungary
Orsolya Gelencsér, Eötvös University
Hydrogen Underground Storage in Germany
Katharina Alms, Fraunhofer IEG
Hydrogen Reservoir Management: Assessment of Caprock Integrity and Storage Capacity
Sabrine BEN RHOUMA, French Geological Survey
Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)
Hydrogen Storage in Aquifers With a Cushion Gas: Assessment of Caprock Integrity and Storage Capacity
Sabrine Ben Rhouma, French Geological Survey
Research progress of CO₂ - water-rock interaction in geological storage
Guo xiong Li, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
Structural geology and its application in exploration, field development and CCUS
Simulation of Tectonic Stress Field and Prediction of Tectonic Fractures in Shale Reservoirs: A Case Study of the Ansai Area in Ordos Basin, China
Yunfei Wu, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
A Deeply Buried Fold and Thrust Belt: The Structural Geometry of the Central Part of the Tisza Unit, East Hungary – Implications for Hydrocarbon and Geothermal Potential
Gabor Heja, Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary
Digital Transformation: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Digital Solutions
Interpretation of Salt Structures With Eigenvalue Attribute From Gradient Structure Tensor
Chung Shen Lee, GeoSoftware
The Server Based Unified Thematic Geological Mapping in Cloud Computing
Hamid Nazari, Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran
Use of Recurrent Neural Network for Gas Detection
Luiz Fernando Trindade Santos, Tecgraf/PUC-Rio