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Call for Abstracts Open - Submit Now

You are invited to submit abstracts for the Europe Regional Conference on the following topics. The committee has a particular interest in presentations highlighting state-of-the-art concepts, methodologies and case histories. They also seek case studies illustrating the successful implementation of new scientific techniques and technologies.

Deadline for submissions is 2 February 2024

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  • Exploration in rift basins and passive margins globally
  • Reviving mature fields and looking for new geonergy plays
  • Siliciclastic reservoirs: exploration and exploitation
  • Carbonates and fractured reservoirs: exploration and exploitation
  • Fault reactivation and inversion tectonics
  • Exploration in fold-and-thrust belts and foreland basins: the last frontier?
  • Salt tectonics: case studies from rift basins and folded belts
  • Advanced geophysical technologies and machine learning in geoscience
  • The European energy transition: CCUS, geothermal energy, hydrogen storage and natural hydrogen exploration
  • Petroleum systems elements: modelling from prospect- to basin-scale
  • History of petroleum geosciences
  • Student sessions