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Gas Potential of the Mediterranean
and North African Basins in the Energy Transition

Energy is still one of the main needs for sustainable economic and social development. In this period of transition between fossil and renewable energy sources the Mediterranean and the North African sedimentary basins represent one of the key areas that could provide a gradual transition supporting a continuous economic and social growth that is environmentally responsible at the same time.

Even though this vast region has been explored for the last 60 years and several large gas discoveries have been announced in the last 10 years there is still a lot of gas to be discovered in poorly explored plays or regions that held significant technical and operational challenges.

The objective of the 2023 AAPG Europe Regional Conference is to offer the opportunity to discuss and share ideas on how fully understand and develop the large gas potential held in the Mediterranean and North Africa sedimentary basins. Lessons learned from previous exploration and development activities, the use of modern approaches to the characterisation of new plays and the understanding of the impact of new technologies will be key themes during the conference. Moreover, the challenges will be discussed associated with the completion of these energy projects by conforming to state policies and respecting local communities, in a safe manner also protecting the environment.