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Global Analogues for the Atlantic Margin
AAPG European Regional Conference
2-3 May 2018
Lisbon, Portugal

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FT03 - Evolution of the West Iberian Margin: From rifting to convergence

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Evolution of the West Iberian Margin: From Rifting to Convergence

Friday, May 4, 2018

8:30 a.m. - 7.30 p.m.
Arrábida Natural Park, Portugal

Who Should Attend

Geoscientists and managers interested in understanding the evolution of Atlantic-type rift margins and their associated petroleum systems.

  • To gain or increase an understanding of the tectono-sedimentary processes of continental extension, rifting and margin convergence supported by outcrop observations.
  • Discuss implications for petroleum systems.
About Field Trip

Evolution of magma-poor continental margins is a key topic in many hydrocarbon provinces as proximal to distal domains bear distinct potential. Located in the southernmost segment of the North Atlantic, the West Iberian margin records evidence of rifting associated with the West Tethys and the Central Atlantic. Ultimately, the whole margin is affected by compression associated with the collision with Eurasian and African plates.

Within this setting, the Setúbal region is a unique area where the complete rift to post-rift depositional sequences of the proximal margin that can be observed on outcrops and leave important information for the understanding of the distal domains. This one-day field trip will take you through the basal rift sequences including evaporites and their expression on halokinesis, the formation of a carbonate platform and the transition to deposits associated with the southern North Atlantic continental breakup. During this day you will also see the expression of the multiple events of margin shortening.


Framed by the amazing landscape of the Arrábida Natural Park this field trip will give several stops that illustrate the essential events that shaped the evolution of the West Iberian Margin. The highlights include examples of salt tectonics, syn-rift deposits and inversion tectonics.

  • Departure from hotel Sana Malhoa at 08:30.
  • Stop 1 – Serra da Arrábida (09:30). First stop for overview of the area and introductory notes.
  • Stop 2 – Alto do Jaspe (10:15). Middle-Late Jurassic unconformity and evidence of syn-rift deposition.
  • Stop 3 – Santana (11:40). Lower Jurassic successions and expression of diapirism.
  • Lunch (13:20-14:20)
  • Stop 4 – Alto da Califórnia (14:45). Lower Jurassic carbonates showing evidence of syn-depositional tectonism.
  • Stop 5 – Pedreira do Avelino (16:00). Late Jurassic carbonate sequence with dinosaur footprints and evolution of the margin.
  • Stop 6 – Foz da Fonte (17:00). Early Cretaceous siliciclastics and post-rift magmatism.
  • Back to the hotel and arrival by 19:30.
Departure Time and Place

Location: Conference Venue, Hotel Sana Malhoa

Departure Time: 8:30 a.m.



150 Euros


110 Euros


Ground transportation, refreshments, lunch and guidebook.


22 People


Transportation to start point is not included in the costs of this trip. Temperatures can range from 54 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit during this time period. Please bring clothing for hot day time temperatures (sun hat/ sun glasses/ sun cream etc.) Participants should wear light trekking shoes.


Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira
Claudia Paiva Silva